Breeze in the Air

Well, today was an absolutely refreshing day. I cannot complain one bit about the warm weather we have been having since the new year started. I am such a beach girl and would do anything to be able to spend hours soaking in the sun and relaxing by the calm ocean waves everyday of my life.. which is why I will be living by the water one day. 

14 days until spring break.. I don’t think I can manage the anticipation for Key West. I went for the first time last year and absolutely loved it! It is such a unique spring break spot. I grew up always going to Destin, Florida and one year in PCB (not a fan). Key West has a small town atmosphere and doesn’t seem as touristy as other beaches.. mainly because the beach area is so much smaller. There are also a lot of wind surfers out on the water the majority of the time. I’m going to make it my mission this year to rent a board and try it. 

Last year we stayed about thirty minutes before the “downtown” area in Key West, called Big Pine Key. Our friend’s great aunt and uncle have a house there, so we couldn’t pass up a free offer. The most interesting part was that there were always small families of deer right around their house every single day. Who sees deer at the beach? Here’s a picture they got of me trying to take a picture of one.


I was afraid they would run off, but this one just kept eating the left over food we put out for them. I feel like the only time we interact with deer in Georgia is when we accidentally encounter them one night on a back road. 

I will also mention how my car door got annihilated by a guy driving a huge truck on a one way street in the downtown area. Not such a great end to our spring break, but the perfect weather and crystal blue waters made it all worth it. 

I’ll end with a picture of a windsurfer I finally found on my computer.



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