Chapter 3: Interactive Technology

In this chapter, the interactive technology of microworlds is explored.

“Microworlds present students with a simple model of a part of the world”
(Hanna, 1986, p. 197) allowing learners to control those phenomena and construct deeper-
level knowledge of the phenomena they are manipulating.

For some reason, when I read this I thought of the movie Inception. This type of technology is much like the idea in the movie that you can create your own reality. I have used such technology in my Physics class last semester.

Another environment discussed is simulations. My roommate is in nursing school and has used a variety of simulations for medical training. My uncle is a Delta pilot and is now working in Atlanta with flight simulations and helping to teach and further learning for upcoming or current pilots. I feel that it is a great way to feel as though you are experiencing the real phenomenon, but without the risks involved.