Chapters 5 + 6: Communication with Technology

In my Psychology class, my teacher allows us to use our smart phones as a “clicker” for polling or multiple choice questions in the classroom that count as attendance each day. It is about $14 application (app) for a semester long purchase, which is significantly cheaper than buying an actual clicker device. It was difficult to figure out how to get the Device ID and other information processed, but it has proved to be extremely convenient for me. I always have my cell phone (with exception of the occasional forgetting at home) so I know I will always have my “clicker” with me.

It is these teachers that can relate to students and help them to see they are trying to catch up with our generation of technologically advanced students. We are always wanting to find the new and most creative technology and it is advancing every single day. Why not use this new technology to our advantage? I barely use notebook paper anymore. I am usually (if allowed) typing my notes on my MacBook or printing off PowerPoint slides or notes the teacher has provided and write on them during lectures.


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