A few weekends ago, I visited my favorite city of Tampa, Florida. It was the most celebrated “holiday” of the new year- Gasparilla. Put simply, it is a pirate ship invasion into the city by a ship with drunken pirate “dads” labeling themselves as Ye Mystic Krew. My whole mom’s side of the family lives in South Tampa, so I feel like I grew up part Florida/part Georgia girl. I will go ahead and admit I also grew up a huge Gator fan, which will probably make whoever is reading this automatically dislike me. I have grown to deal with the hatred, but I am slowly becoming a Georgia football fan… slowly being the key word.

Anyways, there are definitely beads to be received during this weekend and we were able to grab an enormous amount. My aunt and uncle were seeing my cousin swim one of her last meets at Clemson, so one of the “pirate dad’s” left me a ton of beads in their back yard to get me started. I was already dressed (beads, sword, pirate hat, skull accessories & all) at 7am in Chick-Fil-A… obviously getting stared at by everyone. Well after the weekend ceased and we made our way back to the Classic City, I wanted to display my beads somehow. At first I tried to hang them from my mirror in my car, but they are the loudest noisemakers ever. I resorted to hanging them decoratively on my bathroom towel rack. Surprisingly they are still hanging the same way I first arranged them. I also hung some pictures of me and my sister and some family members above my bed along with the People magazine cover of Adele my mom sent me. She is by far the most respectable musical artist of our generation (in my opinion). I like to have constant reminders of admirable people in my room, which lead me to writing with a dry erase marker on my bedroom and bathroom mirrors a couple of my favorite Bible verses and favorite quote.

Here is one of the pictures from Gasparilla weekend:

& just to be clear, I earned these beads by the occasional “shouting and hollering”, not Mardi Gras style πŸ™‚



2 responses to “Creativity

  1. I’ve never heard of this holiday – it sounds really fun though. So how many beads did you end up with?

  2. I only knew about it through growing up always being in Tampa for holidays and I was always curious as a teen- obviously my parents & grandparents would never have let us grandchildren go! We ended up giving a lot of them to random people, but I kept probably 15 or so and they are decorated in my room πŸ™‚

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