Digital Generation

I see myself as a digital native. This would be because I grew up in a time period (1990’s) that included the general introduction of technology. Through interacting with technology from an early age, I feel I have a greater understanding of its concepts versus my parents who were digital immigrants. Being a digital native would help impact my ability to meet the needs of my future students because I would be able to understand their thought process and how they might want to best learn through technology. 

    A key point about the digital native generation with which I agree would be that these people understand the value of digital technology and use this to seek out opportunities for implementing it with a view to make an impact. It is also practical to say that I could disagree with this statement because there are many people in my generation that have used technology to their benefit, but in a harmful way to others. For instance, people that hack into other computers or pirate music, television shows and music (which I am guilty of). There are also many people of the digital native generation that only use technology and their knowledge of it to their advantage and to help others. For example, as a hopeful speech language pathologist, we use technology to help some children with disorders to be able to speak and communicate with us. 
    In the article “Digital Nativism” by Jamie McKenzie, I agree with his thoughts. I think there is a division between the digital native and digital immigrants. I feel that although each generation is different in how they acquired their knowledge- through technology or without- but each is able to adapt to their new learning environment easily. 


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